Stalking women is the new norm of the society

women stalked
women stalked

Stalking is something where an individual is followed by someone intentionally. It can be in the physical world or in the cyber world. Stalking comes under a criminal act where the victim is subjected to mental harassment. Unfortunately, many women in our society are subjects to stalking. While some of these incidents come to light, many of them go unnoticed. Recent incidents of stalking in Chennai and Delhi

Recent incidents of stalking in Chennai and Delhi have ended up being grave tragedies. The latest incident in Chandigarh is another example of this heinous crime.

The latest incident

A horrific incident from the city of Chandigarh has come to light recently. A young woman, Varnika Kundu, was stalked by two men in a car in the wee hours of Saturday night. Both the men were allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Varnika had to undergo a lot of horror and fear that night as the men chased her vehicle and even threatened to ram into it. Even though she was terrified, she managed to call and inform her parents and the police. The police promptly arrived on the scene and arrested the men when they were trying to open the girl’s car door after finally cornering her.

The accused have been identified as Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP Chief Subhash Barala, and his friend Ashish Kumar. They have been booked under the crimes of stalking and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Eventually, they have been released on bail though an investigation is under way.

Varnika is the daughter of a bureaucrat and she hopes that this would help her in getting justice delivered. She feels lucky for not being raped or lying dead. Varnika also feels sorry for the children of common people who are often neglected of justice.

However, it’ll be interesting to see how duly will the court act against the powerful.

In our city and women safety

Many women in our city are also being stalked. Women of different ages are being followed and chased by stalkers during different hours of the day. Mostly, women returning home late from work or after a night show are the ones being targetted.

It’s of prime importance that women are well equipped to tackle any situation. They need to carry pepper sprays and should use any object as a weapon for their defense. They need to take a note of the vehicle number that’s stalking them and report it immediately to the authorities.

So, please do share your horrific experiences and help in making the people aware as to how you overcame them.

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