Rythu Bazaars in the city to lead by example in waste disposal under GVMC.

waste disposal

GVMC is taking the town places. In a recent move to modernize and go green, GVMC tackles the waste disposal. This time at Rythu Bazaars across the city. Creating compost out of waste is a desirable method. Waste disposal which is a major issue at Rythu bazaars can be a major hassle. For example the waste per day from MVP rythu bazaar is 1 tonne per day. Gajuwaka is the current site for implement. GVMC is running a compost unit to process vegetable waste from 15 rythu bazaars in Vizag. This will extend further in future.

Once this waste disposal is on the way, the next step would be creating compost. 70 to 100 tonnes of vegetable waste is converted to compost daily. This is useful in encouraging green Vizag, supporting farmers and for sale.

The plan:

  • Each rythu bazaar will have an estate officer who would look after waste disposal. He will oversee separation, composting process and management.
  • Segregating waste into separate bins, where from collection is at the end of the day.
  • Post separation, vegetable waste is allowed to decompose for 15 days, After this it is transferred to compost pits. 15 days later earthworms are removed and compost generated.
  • This method shall be explained to farmers and hotels etc later on.

GVMC is not the sole stake holder. Each rythu bazzar is also given the power for waste management. Such models are already in use at Gopalpatnam and MVP Colony. At MVP Colony 200 kg of compost is generated from 1 tonne of vegetable waste. This is of use to consumers for terrace gardens, mini farms etc. It is mostly put for residential use as of now.

There is  a lot of scope in this model of waste disposal. In producing compost, the model of waste disposal becomes sustainable. A good and exemplary move by GVMC.




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