Rain clouds gather over Vizag… Looking at typical friends we have when it rains??


The dark and ominously beautiful clouds have converged over mana Vizag. What do we do? What do we do? Relax! Enjoy! We all experience rain differently within our city. Some are at work, some at college and some chilling or hanging out. Some welcome it and some curse it. We love it though. How can one not love Vizag in the rain? The smell of wet earth, leaves and trees dancing under the rain, the sea going wild. AAahhh.. Bliss absolutely.

Sipping on hot hot tea and a bajji, we are musing about the typical reactions of people. To the rain of course!! We all have enjoyed in the rains since childhood. Bunked a few classes to hang out at the beach, coffee at the college canteen, holding hands etc etc The list is endless so to speak. Nostalgic and euphoric we pen down some typical friends we have and their reactions to rain.

The Worrier/ The Stressed Chap/ The ‘Oh!no’ Man – A typical reaction from some. They perpetually lament leaving their umbrella at home. For them it would not be just rain. Acid rain or toxic rain, judging by their reaction. Usually dragged out by us into the rain or made fun of, we need one like that in a group. How else will we prank?

The Epic Bunk’er/ Psycho/Maniac Rain Lover – The typical type who start motivating you to bunk classes with the first rumble of thunder. ‘Lets go’ is what they always say and come on we do give in most of the times. These are world leaders. Nothing short of heroes. They have maximum fun in showers and minimum on mark sheets.

The Foodie/ Bajji Maniac/ Samosa Ninja – This typical ‘khau’ type of friend who thinks of hot samosas, fries or pakodis as soon as the first rain drop falls. We love them. They are so enthusiastic. They convince us that the rain Gods and their hunger have some epic connection. We make them foot the bill of course because who started the food frenzy after all.

The Romantic/ Romeo/Poet – The typical friend who turns into a nightingale as soon as the pitter patter  of rain drop starts. If they have a beau, they take off for a long drive immediately. If they have a recent ex then close your ears to torturous sad songs. But whatever the case, they will sing. For these people, Rain = Song and Music If love has not happened to them, be sure today is the day.

The Fancy Pansy/Compulsive Umbrella Man – There is always that one friend who always carries an umbrella, no matter rain or shine. Look around you, you will surely find one. Usually their umbrellas get stolen, have graffiti over it, innuendos etc They offer none the comfort of their umbrella and are cursed by the entire group of friends. They shop for umbrellas like we would shop clothes. Some obsessive lot.

The Daredevil – Always the one wild one int the group. Notorious for edgy ideas like take a swim when it is stormy, or bike stunts on slippery roads. We warn the lot and refrain from hanging out with their plans. Their stunts don’t pull off always and some times reach scary ends. It is sad but since we all mostly know some one like that, a mention at least.

Enjoy with friends and catch up. Go solo into the rain. Click the clouds. So much to do before the monsoons pass us by. Hurry…



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