BJP Asks TDP To Take Bold Decisions


BJP State General Secretary S Suresh Reddy stated that the TDP government should undertake bold decisions and join Modi’s government’s war against black money and corruption. Corruption in the state should be checked from small levels to big.

Reddy said that people in the state were suffering due to adulteration of basic necessities like chilli powders, water and milk. He urged the state government to stay in the loop and keep such corruption in check, and take stringent action necessary for the same if need be. He brought up the fact that Telangana’s Chief Minister vowed to promote cashless transactions and bring an end to corruption after a meeting with PM Modi.

When asked by reporters about the levels on corruption in the TDP government, he dodged the question and just said that 60 years of Congress rule has instigated corruption in all walks of life. He also stated that the poor and those into agriculture were facing hardships due to the demonetisation. But he remains positive that from January 1 things will change in the nation for the better.

He credited the opposition for sponsoring the Bharat Bandh that took place on November 28. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana did not participate in the bandh due to their support of demonetisation.  CM Chandrababu Naidu was one of the first CM’s in the country to stand in support of demonetisation and going cashless. He has long since worked in lieu with the central government’s goal of making India go digital with their Digital India campaign.

Feature Image Credit: Rajasthanpatrika

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