Bahubali fans this is especially for you. Check out the good news.


SS Rajamouli created history for us and our life was never the same again. Bahubali – The Beginning and Conclusion are both dear to us. It was epic, huge and movie habit altering. Having agreed on that, let us remember how much the question plagued us – ‘Katappah ko kisne maara?’ No movie has seen so much fan theories, speculations etc. It’s been sometime and we have not recovered. Well the news is that we are not the only ones. People across the world have been take in as well. Which brings us to the good news… ‘Netflix and Chill!! Now the chill is by watching Bahubali.’

Yes, it is true. The online streaming platform, Netflix has indeed purchased the streaming rights for Bahubali- The Beginning and Conclusion both. Life can only get better after this. The deal came through at a cost of Rs.25.5 crores and this information comes from Mint. Not confined to India alone, it will stream in over 192 countries.

Bahubali is a record breaker and deal breaker. It is the first Indian movie to cross Rs.1000 crores. The producers, us and everyone is very happy about Netflix streaming it globally. Netflix is expected to give an outstanding reach to the movie viewership.

Netflix is coming into the market with major investment force. The targets are both original and licensed movie, and series titles. The objective of Netflix is to tap consumer taste for viewing. The content will be compelling and diverse. while they are taking rights for the banners of Khans and more, let us just celebrate Bahubali now, shall we?



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