Vizag beauty ups the ante with three waterfalls developed by APTDC.


Andhra Pradesh Tourism is doing all it can to make Vizag outstandingly beautiful. The major attractions are being developed and new ones developed. The highlight this time are the ‘Waterfalls‘. 3 new water falls have been identified and APTDC plans on developing them. The targeted waterfalls for Andra Pradesh tourism are:

  • Tadiguda waterfall near Ananthagiri
  • Dharamatham waterfalls in Golugonda area.
  • Sarugudu waterfalls at Nathavaram mandal

The waterfalls of Katiki are a beautiful sight. It has developed as a picnic spot and adventure sports destination. Tourists are flocking here to try their hand at adventure and witness the serene falls.

The plan of action follows development of Dharamatham waterfalls as the future attraction. It is expected to be one of the most attractive spots for visitors. It is a beautiful picnic spot near Narasipatnam It has a Lord Shiva temple near it with the flowing water perennial here.

The Taliguda waterfall in Ananthagiri and Saruguda waterfalls at Nathavaram have been grated funds for develpoment by APTDC. The waterfalls in Vizag are naturally blessed.The waters flow the year through and they are accessible as tourist spots. Visitors and tourists find the natural beauty a big draw. The earmarked waterfalls will receive the immediate attention of  Andhra Pradesh Tourism.

Highlights of development plans:

  • Viewing spots for safe enjoyment of the beauty.
  • Cafeterias for visitors to be developed.
  • Bathing showers.
  • Water sports on site.
  • Development of destination from the point of view of tourism and water adventure sports enthusiasts.




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