5 reasons why Pawan Kalyan is really a “Powerstar”

5 reasons that prove why Pawan Kalyan has such wide ranged popularity

Pawan Kalyan, Visakhapatnam

September 2nd marks the birthday of the Telugu actor and politician Pawan Kalyan. Born in 1971, Pawan Kalyan quickly rose up the ranks to become one of Tollywood’s biggest superstars. Affectionately called as Powerstar by the fans, he enjoys a mammoth fan base all across the globe. Pawan Kalyan even entered into the state politics by announcing his own party, Jana Sena.

On the occasion of his birthday, let’s take a look at 5 reasons that make him a “POWER STAR”.

#5 A Trend Setter

Even though Pawan Kalyan initially walked in the footsteps of his brother Chiranjeevi, he soon managed to create his own path. Be it with Kushi, or even with his recent Gabbar Singh, Pawan has always set a trend in the industry. He introduced new mannerisms and styles that made the youth go gaga. Powerstar’s dialogue modulation and fights set a new tone that is being followed by many young actors today. In fact, even the great Dasari Narayana Rao credited Pawan Kalyan to be one of the trendsetters in Telugu film industry.

#4 Box Office Blockbusters

It’s nothing less than a festival for the fans when a Pawan Kalyan movie releases. His movies get the cash registers ringing and end up with massive collections.

Pawan Kalyan has delivered many smash hits at the Box Office. After the failure of his first movie, he delivered six consecutive hits including four blockbusters. After his Jalsa created a rage world wide, 2012 witnessed the enormous success of Gabbar Singh. Attarintiki Daredi, which released in 2013, held the record of being Telugu industry’s biggest hit until 2015.

#3 Political craze

In 2009, when Megastar Chiranjeevi announced his Praja Rajyam, Pawan played an active role in its canvassing. However, much to the disappointment of Pawan, this party later got dissolved into the Indian National Congress.

Eventually, in 2014, Pawan Kalyan announced his own party, Jana Sena. This announcement was received with open arms from his fans and the party enjoyed a large scale following from the youth. During the 2014 state elections, he campaigned for the CBN-Modi alliance. Many experts say that this move turned to be the game changer in the election results as Chandra Babu once again became the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

#2 Unparalleled Fan Base

Just watch the videos below and we need not say anything.




#1 A Philanthropist

Above all, its Pawan Kalyan’s philanthropy that gained him so many admirers. The Powerstar leads a simple lifestyle and is someone who shies away from publicity. He provides financial supports for many social causes. Be it for the old age homes, or for any struggling artist, or even for a natural calamity relief fund, Pawan has always been an active participant in helping it.

Also, many farmers approached Pawan for helping them get justice on certain issues. He recently also championed the cause of the kidney disease issue in the Srikakulam district.

We wish the Powerstar a very Happy Birthday!

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