Anti-Ragging Committees Should Be Appointed

Anti Ragging in Colleges Vizag

Joint Collector – II, D Venkata Reddy stated that there should be anti-ragging committees appointed in every college. They should implement rules and not let the students get used to ragging practices. He stated the same at a district level coordination committee meeting held at the Zilla Parishad meeting hall on ragging.

He further stated that all the students should keep numbers of the committee members handy in case of any ragging incidents. At the meeting, he said that the only way to control ragging was to hand out condign punishments to students who rag new comers. They should be dismissed and a notice should be sent to other colleges to not admit them too.

The college handing out the dismissal should further file at FIR at the nearest police station, he said. Venkata Reddy wants anti-ragging awareness camps to be conducted at all the colleges with flexi boards on display listing out the laws related to ragging. He asked students to make Vizag a ragging-free city and urges the college managements to respond once a complaint is lodged.

A toll-free number and website will be provided in the complaint against ragging and addressing all the college principals, AU Registrar V Uma Maheswara Rao asked the principals to organise fresher’s within 15 days of completion of admissions so as to encourage a friendly atmosphere. There was also a suggestion to put up a notice prohibiting seniors from entering the classrooms of juniors.

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