Anthrax Cases make a comeback in Vizag agency, 6 cases reported.

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Visakhapatnam agency has recorded 6 suspected cases of Anthrax. Dumriguda Mandal in Vizag agency, is the place where the cases have been recorded. 6 cases were brought in from the location to be admitted into King George Hospital late on Sunday. The cases of anthrax are of the cutaneous type and the Dermatology Department of KGH is looking into it. The group of cases have pointed a finger on the consumption of bad quality meat.

Cutaneous Anthrax: This is caused by Bacteria Bacillus Athracis. The most common way human beings get infected is by consumption of poor quality meat. The bacterium causing anthrax enters the animals gut while grazing and passes on to humans upon consumption.

These spores causing the infection have a long thriving time period and can stay alive upto 70 years. From the soil, to the grass and the animals gut and eventually to humans is the food chain route of the anthracis bacteria.

Symptoms observed:

  • Rashes and pustules on hands, legs and face.
  • Not life threatening.
  • Cured with regular medication.

KGH, Vizag is doing all it can to test and provide care for the patients. Lesions and blood samples have been collected and are being lab tested. The quarantine for them is being carefully monitored and antibiotics are being administered.

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