9 evening snacks that no foodie can miss in Visakhapatnam

evening snacks, visakhapatnam
Roasted Corn at RK Beach Road

Come evenings and one can hear their tummies grumbling. Lunch was hours ago and dinner is nowhere near in sight. This is the time when the evening snack comes to our rescue. A quick bite to pacify the grumbling tummy and satisfy our hunger pangs. We give you a rundown of the 9 evening snacks you must try in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Roasted Corn – RK Beach Road

The promenade is the answer to many of our questions. Dotted along the beach road are these roasted “corn walas”. These sellers sit with their small setup of red hot charcoal, a bowl of delectable masala and a bunch of corn cobs. Head over to any one of the vendors to grab a roasted corn cob spiced with lime and chilli powder.

#2 Pakodas – Thotlakonda Beach Park

Is there anything better than having freshly made piping hot pakodas by the beach? We guess not. A ride to the famous park in Visakhapatnam, Thotlakonda Beach Park will help you experience these. As the canteen is preparing your pakodas, you can lounge on the sandy beach by the palm trees.

#3 Chai – Tea time near GITAM University

Every list of evening snacks has to include our favourite ‘Chai’. A stop at the tea stall near GITAM will help you get your dose of evening chai. With an option like masala tea also available, this stall is a must visit for the tea lovers.

#4 Coffee – Araku Coffee stall  Tenneti Park / RK Beach Road

evening snacks,vizagCaffeine addicts can get their shots of caffeine at the famous Araku coffee stall. Made from beans of the coffee plantations in Araku, this stall serves this popular coffee for your evening snack.

#5 Muri Mixture – RK Beach Road

evening snacks,vizagWalking along the promenade, one can stop at any of these “Muri Mixturewalas” for a hearty serving of this colourful, spicy street snack. For the spicy food lovers, this mixture is topped with chillies, pleasantly mixed with coconut pieces.

#6 Mirchi Bajji – Tenneti Park

evening snacks,vizagThis variation of the bajji, made with chillies, is a must-have for the spice lovers. Pair it up with the Araku Coffee and you have yourself a complete evening combo.

#7 Symbi noodles – Rushikonda

Head to the Symbi Maggi stall at Rushikonda to gorge on a bowl of spicy noodles. Varieties of egg, vegetable and chicken noodles are on offer spoiling you for choices. As you wait for your order, take in the cool breeze from the sea.

#8 Vasenpoli – Bell Park

Hunger pangs, but health conscious? Worry not. Visit the vasenpoli stall near VUDA Park for a nutritious plate of vasenpoli (millet idli) served with delicious peanut chutney and sweet and spicy ginger chutney. Moreover, one can look forward to a different menu every day at this place serves millet, ragi and bajra snacks.

#9 Pani puri outside HSBC

evening snacks,vizagPartially hidden between the bus stops stands a pani puri wala, serving Kolkata style pani puri and a wide variety of chaats. With a heavy rush on Sundays, be sure to reach there early or you might end up waiting for your turn for a long time.

Tip: Order a plate of special pani puri filled with crushed kachori and potatoes. This is twice the fun of the regular pani puri.

Armed with this list of Evening snacks in Visakhapatnam, you can now own those hunger pangs like a boss!

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