7 Things that make people of Visakhapatnam very very ANGRY!!


We love Visakhapatnam and anyone who raises an illogical question against our city or us makes us very very angry. Here are the top 7 things.

Visakhapatnam, the City of Destiny. Visakhapatnam, the Smart City of the Future. The city of industries, shipping, schooling, arts and more is very very dear to us and we get extremely angry at any slight on it. While we have fought battles to defend the honour of our city, Visakhapatnam, here are the top 5 things that drive us crazy and very very ANGRY each time they pop up. Find out if your’s is on the list.

#1 Do you people speak hindi/english over here?

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I mean do you still have doubts or any trace of feeling that we may not speak either? Which century do you live in or where from in India are you. Believe me you never should ask us that. Talk to us if you are an outsider and find out for yourselves.

#2 Is Visakhapatnam a Metro?

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It is not a question of whether it is or it is not, it is about the fact that it is a developed city with potential for so much more. Happy people live here and it is growing in leaps and bounds. Metro or not and what parameters you are looking at aside, we love it. We do not like questions like this.

#3 So Vizag is only about beaches?!

A hot air balloon flying over lush green valleys

See for yourself before you judge my friend, we have hills, valleys and yes some of the most beautiful beaches. There is so much to discover and explore here that some one with ignorant conclusions like these really annoys us.

#4 Does Visakhapatnam have a separate railway zone?

We have been raising that issue by ourselves and it’s a long pending demand but it is yet to happen. We are waiting and it is a sore spot so do not pick on it.

#5 Amazon Prime Delivery doesn’t happen here, no?

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No it does not, not yet at least but we manage. Ya we do not like it ourselves, so do not remind or you may be hurt. By the way Amazon are you listening? We are the 9th richest city in India by the way.

#6 You guys eat rice, right?

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Which civilization do you come from exactly and where from do you come up with these ideas? generalizations about South Indians exist and we know about it but asking us such questions is really not cool. Haven’t you heard of Dosas, Uttappams, etc that we are famous for? Common mate, a meal at Sai Ram Parlour first, before we talk?

#7 Vijayawada is bigger or Visakhapatnam is bigger?

We belong to the state of Andhra Pradesh and yes we are competitive but whether or not we are bigger or smaller than a brother city really is illogical. We are growing together and will not be bothered by these silly curiosities.

We are sure each one of us has faced one situation or other like these, that has us surprised, shocked or utterly mad.

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