10 ways to enjoy the weekend monsoon rain showers in Vizag.


It’s that beautiful time again. The showers have drenched Vizag yesterday and the city is a kaleidoscope of colours. The earth and soul have rejuvenated and we look forward to a time of happiness.The younger ones frolic in bright raincoats and umbrellas, the adults are out and about in favourite Rainy Day pursuits. Yo! Vizag unravels the spirit of a refreshed Vizag.


  1. Everything is better when done together: The pitter-patter of raindrops always calls for a garma-garam cup of tea with hot, hot fries and long gossip sessions. Tantalizing aromas of home cooked snacks and freshly brewed ginger tea or filter coffee spice up conversations with loved ones. Gather as a family in the verandah or the balcony and cozy up at home.
  1. Reconnect and catch-up on old times: What better excuse, than to step out in the showers? Catch up with those whom you haven’t seen in a while. Give a call, recollect your favourite haunts and make plans as you go. Be it the beach or your old school or college, everything is relived afresh in the rain.
  1. Singing in the rain: For Vizagites, the season is all about letting your inner child out and giving into what you love. Croon with your significant other, go on a solo marathon, or chorus with your friends and family, there’s no better time than now. Dust the jukeboxes and amp the stereo as you drive by and enjoy the knowing smiles of passersby.
  1. Grab a camera and make memories: Vizag without doubt looks absolutely stunning with the emerald greens of freshly washed trees and silver on the horizon. Inspiration abounds and the panorama of the seas and cloud covered hills may not give a second time. Vizag boasts of talented photographers and amateurs and for those thinking of picking up a new hobby, just go out and get clicking.
  1. Climb up a mountain or two: The spirit of adventure in you shall find the jaunts up the numerous hills and mountains in Vizag worth undertaking. Trekking in the season has become a hit, so go in a group to make new friends and discover new trails. The favourites are Madhavdhara-Simhachalam and Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse trail.
  1. Long drives on the highway: Drive towards Bheemli with an open mind to enjoy pit stops. Scenic views and yummy food joints are crowd pullers in this season and Raju garidhaba/ Sea Inn with its lip smacking seafood is a failsafe plan. Stop and enjoy the peaceful music of the rainclouds with your loved ones or grab your bike if getting rain-soaked is your thing.


  1. Books and a cup of coffee:Stay out of the rain and enjoy all the same with a good book and a hot Latte. Sample the brew on the terrace that overlooks the sea at Barista. Stuck, when the rains come heavy? Continue reading and sample the sandwiches and brownie till the sky clears.
  1. Magnify your inner peace: No chants can substitute the soothing raga of rain in a duet with the waves on the sea-shore. Relieve stress and detox your soul while meditating in Ramakrishna Ashram.
  1. Street food discovery : Vizag is a city of street food aficionados. Each one has his favouriteBandi. Discover new ones never tried before and tell us about it. Let the craving for bhajis or punukulu take you exploring to places unknown. But nothing beats tangy corn-on-the-cob at R.K Beach, so don’t let down the vendors who brave the rain for your delight.
  2. Picnic-ing in town: In Vizag, pleasures are never far. So time to pack a picnic hamper and go enjoy the great outdoors. Lovely spots at the chapel on Ross Hill or Rama Naidu are recommended but exploring is also fun. If your appetite wants something stronger then do head for camping at Araku. Take provisions and enjoy the valleys and plantations.

The best plan right now is to make none except the one to step outside and soak up the weather. Let your mood and your fancy dictate the day.

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