Yuvraj Singh booked by his sister-in-law for domestic violence

yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh

In what is coming as a disheartening news to many fans of Yuvraj Singh, his sister-in-law has registered a case against him. The cricketer’s sister-in-law, Akanksha Sharma, who was also a participant in last year’s Big Boss, has accused Yuvraj of domestic violence. Akanksha has even dragged her mother-in-law, Shabnam, and husband, Zoravar into the case.

Akanksha Sharma

A report is spotboye, quoted Akanksha’s lawyer Swati Singh Malik saying, “Yes, Akanksha has filed a case of domestic violence against Yuvraj, her husband Zoravar and their mother Shabnam.”

The lawyer added that while there was no physical violence attributed to Yuvraj, it was the mental and financial torture that was credited to the cricketer in the case. She said Yuvraj was a silent spectator to the suffering that was caused to Akansksha by his mother and brother.

Akanksha Sharma

In fact, the lawyer went on to say that Yuvraj Singh even joined his mother in pressurising Akanksha to have a baby. In Akanksha’s words, “Yuvraj would even tell Akanksha that she should obey his mother because she was the most superior person in the house.”

Akanksha Sharma

As per the lawyer’s statement, Yuvraj even warned his sister-in-law that if she did not obey his mother, she had no place in the house. Swati tagged Yuvraj’s mother, Shabnam as an extremely dominant woman.

Image Courtesy: Akanksha Sharma’s Instagram handle.

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