Safety tips to know immediately – No jokes here!!

safety tips
safety tips

A time for celebration Diwali should not translate into an undying occasion of loss, regret and repentance. Safety tips that must be kept handy to serve you well this festive season.

In order to keep Diwali filled with more happiness, and less hazards, it is important to follow safety tips. Take note to avoid many an unpleasant memory for you, your family, friends or your neighbors. Here are some safety tips and precautions that can make Diwali happy for you and everyone around.
Candles, Diyas and others – 
  • Never light Diyas or candles near the curtains or any other hanging decorations of the home.
  • Make sure candles are fixed firmly on a surface that is steady and not inflammable.
  • Diya near electrical wiring is a big no.

Dressing festive but safe – 

  • Cotton cloth only for your Diwali clothes. One of the most important of safety tips.
  • Synthetic fibers are a strict no for Diwali.
  • Well fitted over loose and flowy clothes to avoid catching fire.
  • Not the best look but a saree or dupatta secured at the waist will save you.
source – trekearth

Firing crackers big and small – 

  • Never store the fire crackers near the place where you are lighting the crackers or electrical wirings. .
  • Go to any outdoor, open space, like a garden, a park or an open terrace.
  • Place crackers properly on a firm surface only and avoid using hands directly.
  • Never let the children light fire crackers alone; ensure that they are supervised by more than one adult.
  • Light fire crackers at a distance from the gathering.
  • Always move away after lighting a fire cracker.
  • Dispose the firecrackers immediately in a bucket of water.

First aid for burns – 

  • Keep a bucket of water, sand or fire extinguisher near the place where you are firing the crackers.
  • In case you got fire on your cloth do not rush instead step on it or roll on the floor to cut down the oxygen supply to the fire quickly.
  • Keep a first aid box ready for Diwali.
  • In case of incidents of mild burn, the burnt area of the body can be washed in cool water at for 10 minutes followed by an emolient.
  • For severe cases of burn, douse water for 15 mins and then rush to doctor.
  • In case of severe burn, remove the clothes from the body of the person immediately and keep him/her wrapped in a thick cotton bed sheet before taking to the hospital.

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