Youngster falls prey while taking selfie at Vizag beach

vizag beach
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In yet another incident of negligence on the rough seashores in the city, a youth has been reported to go missing while allegedly clicking a selfie at the Vizag beach.

Zaid (16), along with his two brothers, went to the Jodugulapalem Beach on Tuesday evening. The youngsters climbed one of the rocks at the site to click a selfie. Despite the locals’ warning them not to venture as the sea was rough, the youngsters allegedly ignored them. However, tragedy struck when a giant wave hit from the back and sucked them into the sea.

While two of them somehow managed to swim their way back to the shore, Zaid has not been found yet which has led the police to launch a search op for the 16-year-old, as informed by Arilova police Inspector Ch. Tirupathi Rao.

The worrying scenario at the beach

Despite the concerned officials putting in constant efforts to raise awareness of the hazards of venturing into the sea, many individuals turn a deaf ear and end up losing their lives. In fact, numbers suggest that as many as 196 lives (on an average) are lost each year on the Vizag beach.

It’s high time that the visitors to the beach, especially the youngsters, need to behave responsibly and refrain from venturing into the sea following the warnings issued.

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