Students protest in Vizag as college Principal attempts sexual assault

For attempting sexual assault on a student, the Principal of a vocational junior college in Vizag has been taken into custody by the Kancharapalem Police on Tuesday.

The Principal of the college, MLT Kumar has been accused of trying to assault a first-year student studying in the same college. The girl attempted suicide feeling distressed about the incident. Her friends took a stand for her after knowing about the happening and took the issue to various public communities.

The students along with the social communities including All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) started protesting at the Kancharpalem Police Station.

Speaking about the incident, IDWA leader,  G. Priyanka demanded the police to register cases under Nirbhaya on the accused. She also asked the police to take necessary action on the institute management for being negligent and demanded to close the college.

The social communities officials protested to close the institution and that the students should be transferred to government colleges.

The above information has been put forward as received in a press note.

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