Two women bikers from Vizag embark on 3000-km road trip to Goa

women bikers to ride from vizag to goa

Two women bikers from Vizag, Vaishali Kulkarni More, 51 and Supriya Goel, 41, have embarked a ride from Vizag to Goa on the occasion of the Republic Day for the WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) India National Rally 1.0 to be held there from 14- 16 February. More and Goel will be riding approximately 3000 km through the Coromandel Coast, Malabar Coast, and the Konkan Coast.

Titled ‘Ride to rise, ride and rediscover, the expedition by the women bikers intends to promote the theme of Women’s Day 2020, #EachForEqual, and spread awareness on cervical cancer and genital hygiene.

It may be noted that Vaishali More had suffered from a major ankle injury in March 2017 and this is her first ride post-injury. She is Andhra Pradesh’s first female solo-biker who has clocked in about 27000 km in her riding career thus far. Recently nominated as the MotoGirlIndia of AP by the biggest biking app Throttle and 2019 recipient of the Sangamitra Award from Visakha Media Services, Vaishali has been a guest of honour and guest speaker at many events. After completing the 3000-km trip from Vizag to Goa, the biker plans to further ride 4000 km to explore Maharashtra extensively.

Supriya Goel, on the other hand, is a stage-two breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. “That moment was jhatka for me. I felt that I was not living my life. After finishing my treatments, I told my mom, that I wanted to buy a bike and go to Leh Ladakh. I tried my brother in law’s Thunderbird but wanted something I could balance and control. I made my choice, and on 26 December 2018, I finally bought an Avenger,” she shared in one of her earlier interviews with Yo!

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