Things to do in Vizag to have maximum fun when it rains.

things to do

The rain gods have been very kindly unkind to us so far as rains are concerned. It is either scorching heat or incessant rain. Can we have a moderation please?? Since two days Vizag has been under the cover of clouds and the rains have battered us blue. But we love to have fun in this city, so we shall do something great. Let us make the most of the weather and we have a plan of good stuff to do.

  1. Step out to take on the rain and enjoy it. Don’t wait for it to pass. Chase it away. Go for a run or a jog in the rains. Vizag has such beautiful places for it. Once you step outside, it is all good anyways.

2. Love to eat but don’t cook yourself!? Let us remedy it. Why not fulfill your pipping hot savory cravings by cooking up a storm. Let the drowsy afternoon be spent rustling up gourmet. Find recipes online or call up mom to try. Impress your friends and loved ones.

3. Lazy anyway but feeling blue. Let your favourite playlist speak to you. Curl up in your cosiest blanket and plug in the music. Take a break and let the music soothe you. Pause in between to hear the sound of the raindrops. 

4. Have been longing to take that long drive but postponing it. Now is the time to get set and go. Drive along the coastline and sink into the stormy horizons. Nothing looks more breathtaking than Vizag coastline when it rains. 5. Love to hang out but it is raining too hard. Why bother? Gather your gang and hit your fave spots right away. Wash down the blue mood with a splash of caffeine. Try out the amazing and yummy street food of the city. Peanut, bhajji, muri mixture etc. Go out and be there to enjoy the weather. 

6. At home and enjoying. Absolutely!! Trek to your terrace. When did you go last? The idea is to get wet and dance like you do not care. Water world is too boring. The real deal is here. Private and fantastic, enjoy at home. While at it, make a few paper boats too. Colorful just like childhood days.

7. Hit the Beach Road, because no plan is complete without it. Watch the waves tumble into each other and the birds shriek in delight. Enjoy the natural bliss but do not step into the waters. The sea is turbulent today and not a good day for a dip. Watch from afar and enjoy and grab a bhutta and jhalmuri to up the the sea from afar. 

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