Are you a true Vizag localite! This article will help you find out.

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Vizag is special to us in many ways and only the people who have lived here can get the true vibe of this article. Living in Visakhapatnam is no less than a blessing. I mean who wouldn’t like to live in a city with beautiful beaches, stunning hills and spectacular sunrises and sunsets which also has amazing food! If you tend connect to the points given below, you have lived in Vizag in the best way possible and are a true Vizagite. See if you can relate.

Going to beach on Sundays {also on weekdays} is our thing

R.K Beach is our one stop for all the time pass activities and no other place can comfort us like the beach does.

We have a special Hindi dialect

We do not follow regular Hindi because #Mainstream. Baiya {instead of bhaiya}, Hogaya {word used to represent that something has finished}…. we get the drift.

Homemade Rice Sambar attracts us more than risotto

Sambar is our first love and no dish can take its place. Hot annam {rice} with ghee and sambar is all you want to make your day happy.

Bunking college and spending the whole day at CMR Central

Let’s admit. We all have done this and have enjoyed the whole day. Sharing a single crusher from KFC to watching a movie while passing comments, we have done it all and absolutely loved it.

Nothing can satisfy us like Biryani does

Do we even need to explain this! Biryani is the best. OKAY.

Adding Telugu words while speaking English is our habit

Words like ‘Kada’, ‘Avuna’, ‘Enti’ creeps in while we speak English and we get embarrassed later.

Ps. I have done it in a meeting also.

You refer your friends as maya, macha or with some Telugu cuss word

We do not believe in giving respect to or friends while calling them. So such slangs come to our rescue every time.

Random Road trips is a common thing for us

Driving to Araku, Lambasingi etc is a very common thing for us and nothing new about it can surprise us.

Jagadamba Theatre in broke times because there is no way we miss a movie

Vizagites love watching movies and we usually do not miss out any movie.  Jagadamba theatre is a life saver whenever we cannot afford INOX which also comes with cheap popcorn.

We have no idea what real winter is

Winters in Vizag are nothing when compared to northern states. We still wear sweaters and hoodies because #Fashion.

So if you can relate to at least 7 things from the above given points, rejoice as you are a true Vizagite.



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  1. I was not in the ERA of CMR Central…It was Jagadamba, Sharda and Ramadevi…
    We call friends as Maya, Bawa or just Baa

  2. What about bheemili road, rushikonda, kalishgiri, tenneti park, Yarada beach and thotlakonda all.. Each and every place is a memory..

  3. Yes its true vizag is gods own residence so we are the kind and peaceful gentle people living here .really we r lucky I hope no other city is so rich and customer friendly like this

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