Two Vizag students initiate public appeal for environment protection

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Sometimes it takes the youngest members of society to spark awareness among the elder ones. Such was the case on World Environment Day in Vizag. M. Sruti Samhita, a student of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, and P. Deepsri, a student of Little Angels School, got into action to create awareness, among the citizens of Vizag, of the need to take immediate steps for environment protection. They felt that there is not much time left to get into action to make Vizag a much better and cleaner city.

The two girls wrote the points, as a public petition to the GVMC and catch the latter’s immediate attention. They stood near the main entrance of GVMC, for over 3 hours, and requested the passing public to sign the petition. Admired by the selfless initiative taken up, several people from various walks of society (such as doctors, students, elders, officials, teachers and vendors) signed the petition.

Sruti Samhita, and Deepsri, said that “The world is in danger. We only have 11 years left to save the world from Climate Change which is now the greatest threat to all living creatures. Climate change is impending, and we need urgent action not mere hope, pep talks or baby steps. If you want to make a change, you need to start where you are. We are facing unexpected and severe and devastating cyclones which are destroying several livelihoods, trees, and taking away the lives of poor animals. Within a short period of 40 days, more than 100 people died of heat strokes across AP & Telangana. Visakhapatnam was among top 3 cleanest cities in the country in the year 2016 and it has dropped down drastically to the 23rd position ! And even though we have been waiting for the action to be taken, the response has truly been disappointing. We can’t remain silent anymore”.

The following are the demands were petitioned to the GVMC:

  1. Cleanliness in the under-developed parts of the city
  2. A closed and clean drainage system
  3. Making fuel alternatives readily available
  4. Improve public transportation and making sure it run on CNG and bio-fuels.
  5. Wastelands should be converted in green areas
  6. Replace plastic dustbins with steel dustbins
  7. Ban plastic bags entirely

Both the students were given full support for their gesture, towards environment protection, by their respective school principals, teachers, staff and students.

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