Investigation by SIT hopeful of freeing 1200 acres in Vizag district.


Investigation by SIT is going through the gamut of extension uncertainties. The team has unearthed  300 acres of grabbed land in Vizag district in the process of investigation. 300 acres have been encroached upon. 280 acres of land have disappeared in the documents that were tampered. Provision of Transfer Act is the instrument being used for cooking the documents. SIT officials estimate a total of 1200 acres that can be restored by the end of investigation.

The extension of the team to probe the land scam case is awaiting approval by the Government. The initial time allotted by the Government was till August 28. The SIT has already unearthed substantial land grab cases in Vizag district. They are hopeful that if the investigation can be prolonged the remaining acres of Government land can be freed.

Rumors are circulating regarding the extension of the team. Government influence and lobby of big parties may hamper progress. No Objection Certificates to beneficiaries under various schemes are being investigated and irregularities found. People want the investigation complete and all irregularities settled.

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