Air India flight doesn’t take off, passengers stranded for 10 hours in Vizag.

air india
air india

A technical issue with air crafts and subsequent flight plans cancelled has become a common sight. The latest is the case of an Air India flight that did not take off because of a technical snag. Yesterday in Vizag, Bengaluru bound Air India flight left 72 passengers stranded. For 10 hours the irate passengers were left high and dry as alternative arrangements could not be made. The delay in arrangements distressed those who were travelling to Vijaywada on the same flight. Some of them finally made arrangements to go by road.

The passengers were all on board when the pilot announced that the flight would not take off due to technical problems. The passengers disembarked only to be asked to board again after an hour. Yet again the pilot refused to take off citing safety concerns. The hassle left the passengers angry. The management of Air India was sorely falling short.

Passengers inquired about alternative flights and arrangements but got no response.  The Air India flight was supposed to take off at 7.45 a.m and the waiting people got a response around 12.30 p.m. The alternative flight to Bengaluru was managed but the Vijaywada bound passengers were left waiting. It was not until 6.30 p.m that any arrangement could be made for them.

The technical staff reached the site and fixed the problem only around 2 p.m.

The general state of neglect of passenger welfare and queries has left people miffed with the government airlines.

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