Vizag fast emerging as a major Scuba diving destination in the country

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Vizag’s possession of pristine beaches has made it emerge as one of the major hubs where people can be fascinated by multiple aquatic thrills. While the advent of scuba diving at Chintapalli in our scenic city has been attracting tourists from all over, the discovery of shipwrecks assures to take the excitement to an all new level and are establishing the city as a premier diving destination in the country.

Balram Naidu and Keshav Ram of Livein Adventures tell us more.

How were the wrecks discovered?

A team of adventure enthusiasts heard a couple of fishermen say that a particular portion of the sea was “doomed” and it wouldn’t be wise for anyone to venture there. Intrigued by this “myth”, the team, with inputs from the Indian Navy and local fishermen, carried out several explorations into this part of the sea to find out the truth. After multiple futile attempts, the team ultimately stumbled upon a couple of ancient shipwrecks. It has been estimated that these wrecks, of presumably massive ships, have been lying in the seabed for centuries together. “This discovery is proposed to be of immense advantage to revitalize the tourism industry here,” says Balram Naidu.

The Wrecks

Located at a shallow depth, the specialty of these wrecks is that they allow both, swimmers and non-swimmers, to treat themselves to some fascinating sights. Apart from seeing these mammoth wrecks, divers can also avail the unmatched experience of watching the spectacular underwater life. The waters are home to a vivid and vibrant aquatic species, including the critically endangered species of goliath grouper.

Destination Vizag

This beautiful port city has captivated our imagination since times immemorial. Owing to its natural beauty, Vizag, in addition to the popular scuba diving sites of Goa, Puducherry, and the Andaman islands, is fast unfolding into one of the country’s best locations for this underwater activity. Thanks to its geographical connectivity and other logistics, the scuba diving facility here qualifies to be one of the foremost choices for anyone interested.

“The fact that divers from across the globe are being impressed by the dive site here speaks volumes about what lies in store for the tourism industry in the state,” shares Keshav Ram.

While Livein Adventures, along with the support of the State Government, has many other engaging activities as well, be sure to check out the shipwreck, before you take those up.

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