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Unleashing the answer to remixing various continental, American and Italian gourmets is the Sam’s Griddle restaurant, which stands in place of Pepperazzi in Vizag.

Continuing the tradition of impeccable service and great ambience, Sam’s Griddle now wraps in whole new excitement into its menu. Moving ahead from its previous style, new dishes will now make a thrilling appearance every week with a collection of delectable recipes and exciting presentation. One can relish in cuisines from South India and other non-vegetarian delicacies; all set to satisfy Vizag gastronomically.

While the new menu has plenty to offer, its lucid, refreshing plate of Buffalo Wings which is from the US State of Buffalo is to drool over. Succulent prawns served with Butter Rice and fresh vegetables presented in a coconut shell awaken your senses in the form of Gamberoni. Zesty marinara sauce blended in a generous serving of cheeses and Italian-inspired toppings; will tickle the taste buds of pizza lovers in Vizag. Also, a new variety of sizzlers woosh in the wow factor here!

Mixologists at Sam’s Griddle have changed the game when it comes to their beverage menu. Drinks are taken up a notch with the addition of refreshing garnishes like fresh mint, ginger, and lemon which adds a summertime taste to the cola of the Italian Smooch Shakes.

The frozen slushes served here come in a rainbow of flavours and will never let you go back to boring regular shakes again! The restaurant’s extra touch of lemon twists on the rim of mocktail glasses brings out the fun and satisfy the kid in all of us. Watermelon mojito made from freshly cut watermelons is just the beverage for the health conscious.

Corporate Gig

Delight your colleagues with corporate catering options which come with the whole shebang of wireless microphones and epic recipes to fall in love with.

Corporate lunches too are on the cards. Moreover, home delivery is available through all the food apps.

Location: Siripuram, Vizag
Timings: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
For Reservation: 9441472444, 0891 6637444 or

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