4 favourite hangout spots in Vizag that are no more

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Sea View Cafe

Things change, places do and people definitely keep changing. Old hangout spots disappear and we find new ones but there are some places that are not there in Vizag anymore but people always reminisce about these places and at one point these places were the most interesting, happening and cool places to be. We travel down memory lane to cover 4 such hangout spots that are no more in Vizag.

#1 CHROME, Siripuram

The most happening club in Vizag for a very long, long time, Chrome was a crowd puller and a place to be seen for every cool dude in town. There was more to it than good music and good cocktails, there was the ambiance and one of a kind club culture. There are new places but Chrome still spells good memories for most.

#2 SEA VIEW CAFE, R. K Beach

Gossip and coffee and samosas and the location of it on the Beach Road. There was a lot for which this was one the favorite hangouts of Vizagites and it’s replacement not found yet. It broke hearts to see it go and a lot of peoples stories started here. Be it in love or friendship or just solo wave watching, Sea View is a memory to cherish.

#3 CROSSWORD, Siripuram

It almost seems impossible but yes, Crossword, the book lovers paradise was indeed in Vizag at one time. There used to be a hangout and it was just about books. It seems so long ago. The number of books and the cute seats to sit and read had many a Vizagite of every age group come to spend time and buy books here. Now more than ever it should come back with so many lovers of good books in town.

#4 CCD & MUSIC WORLD, CBM Compound

This joint came in a little later but while it lasted there was one of the irresistible hangouts serving both coffee and music. You would find people lounging over coffee and hookah for quite a while and conversations never ceased. The central location was a major plus and later on books and accessories were added to the inventory. Just why did it go away???

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