Say Hello To Vizag Dog!


Yesterday marked the momentous occasion of being the first Test match to be held in Visakhapatnam. The debut being an exciting match between India and England with CM Chandrababu Naidu inaugurating a pylon on the occasion, it took a humorous turn when a stray dog walked into the stadium interrupting the match.

Four legged intruders are no new to cricket matches. They wander in, unaware of the match they’re interrupting, running around blissfully unaware. So what’s new or hilarious about the dog that interrupted yesterday’s match you ask? It’s the fact that while the dog was wandering around, busy ducking shoes being thrown by guards, someone somewhere thought – why not christen this dog ‘Vizag Dog’ & then go a step ahead and make a twitter account for it?

Meet ‘Vizag Dog’ – the match-interrupter with 424 followers since yesterday.  A dog so persistent in its jaywalking that the players had no option but to break for afternoon tea. Even though Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli scored their first centuries, it was only after the dog had to be driven out of the stadium – twice.

When a dog makes its Twitter debut with posts like – ‘Who was chasing me with a shoe?!?! #VizagDog #INDvENG’, ‘Want to play fetch with me, @StuartBroad8 ? #VizagDog #INDvENG’ and signs off with ‘I’ll be back again tomorrow!’; let’s keep the humorous canine in our minds, atleast for now. Who knows? It might be back again today, like promised.

Feature Image Credit: Aijaz Rahi/Associated Press

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