Poorna market- Vizag’s Chandni Chowk!!

poorna market
poorna market

It’s festive season, and the people’s desire to shop just doesn’t seem to stop! To get a true feel of the typical Indian shopping atmosphere, the bazaars are where you need to be. These aren’t any shopping complexes in huge buildings. Instead, they are wide spread in large areas with variable items being sold along different outlets. They sell goods in a more traditional fashion contrary to the modern practices followed in malls. A market gives you a cheerful vibe in its own way.

Our country boasts of many such markets that are popular all across the globe. Some of them are the Chandini Chowk and the Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi, the Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, the New market in Kolkata and the Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad.

But not many know that we Vizagites too have our own market that is worth talking about; the Purna Market.

Purna Market has been a hot spot marking its versatile nature in offering a variable range of products at reasonable prices.

The place is a hub of wholesalers and prices here are unmatched in the entire city. So, it’s no surprise that merchants and buyers from nearby districts as well come to Purna Market every month to buy the goods in bulk.

Poorna market- A Shopper’s paradise

Famous for Milk byproducts and pure oils since decades, Purna market has witnessed many different businesses grow by leaps and bounds. A wide range of fancy and cosmetic products come at super cheap prices. Automobile lovers can customize their ride from a range of aftermarket parts sold here. Leather bags and wallet shops are dotted side by side with competition so high, you end up finding your favourite design at the best price. There are fruit and vegetable vendors in the central part sell a wide range of items for you to choose from. Also, there are many jewellery stores present here that sell a vivid variety of ornaments.

Home appliances are always on sale with huge discounts. Ethnic wear and traditional outfits for celebrations are specially made available by sellers from all parts of the country.

A thousand words would still seem inadequate for the volume of business Purna Market has on offer.

You can just about have anything and everything here.  Even registration, notary works and legal advisors have started their work in the Purna Market area.

The place has a soul and an essence of its own. Most of you might have already been to this place. But if you haven’t yet, make sure you do visit this market asap!

Image credits- The Hindu

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