5 things we wish to see in Visakhapatnam in 2019

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2018 has been an eventful year for Visakhapatnam. From the launch multiple tourist attractions to the opening of newer public commonplaces, the city saw it all in the bygone year. At the same time, a few issues seemed to be on the rise, causing a worry or two among the citizens. So, as we set in for a brighter 2019, here are 5 things that we wish to see in Visakhapatnam in the new year.

#1 Lesser pollution

While Visakhapatnam has always been considered as one of the less polluted places in the region, the recent past has seen a spurt in the vehicular density. The citizens feel that this has not only led to more crammed-up lanes but has also caused a spike in the pollution levels in the city. Also, many old-fashioned vehicles, which break the pollution-safety norms, can be cited frequently on the city’s roads.

So, this year, we wish the pollution levels in the city are brought under control and the city holds to its tag of a clean and green city. Stringent measures and increased deployment of e-vehicles should help the cause by a great deal.

#2 Organised traffic

Another issue that most of the citizens of Visakhapatnam have been complaining of in the recent past, is that of the increasing traffic woes. While an increase in the number of vehicles in the city hasn’t helped the cause, street vendors and failing traffic signal systems have accentuated the troubles.

A more organised traffic flow is what we yearn for in 2019 and staying in the right senses whilst on the road would help us a great deal in achieving this!

#3 Curbing the plastic menace

Plastic has remained as one of the long-troubling evils in our society. Despite multiple measures by the GVMC authorities to restrain the use of plastic in Visakhapatnam, the menace continues to spread its tentacles in the city, harming our environment in a myriad ways.

We certainly hope that 2019 would be a landmark year for the city in its battle against plastic.

#4 Increased safety on the beach

While the beach in Visakhapatnam has attracted tourists since times immemorial, the recent incidents of drowning deaths have put a dent on its image. With numerous individuals losing their lives while venturing into the waters here, the need of the hour is certainly to intensify the safety measures undertaken at the city’s beaches. Hopefully, 2019 would witness the same and ideally, the cases of drowning deaths would be restricted to the least possible.

#5 Better job opportunities

Another long-persisting complaint from the citizens of Visakhapatnam has been the lack of suitable job opportunities in the city. With several IT companies and newer startups spreading their wings, the city hopes that 2019 will certainly play a foil to increased job opportunities to the youngsters here.

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