Pawan Kalyan clears the air on alliance with TDP

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JanaSena Party Chief, Pawan Kalyan, has announced his stance on a possible alliance with the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) for the upcoming Assembly elections in 2019.

The actor-turned-politician cleared the air by stating that JanaSena Party will not be forming an alliance with TDP and will contest from all the 175 constituencies in the state.

This came days after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu hinted that Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena Party should join hands with TDP in questioning BJP.

“JanaSena Party will be contesting from the 175 constituencies. We will not be forming an alliance with anyone except the Left parties. We will provide more opportunities to youth and women. Kindly do not believe in what the ruling and opposition parties have to say,” the party said in a tweet.

JanaSena Party on Twitter

జనసేన పార్టీ 175 స్థానాల్లో సంపూర్ణంగా పోటీ చేస్తున్నాం. వామపక్షాలు తప్ప ఎవరితో కలిసి వెళ్ళము. యువతకు , మహిళలకు ఎక్కువ అవకాశం ఇస్తాం. దయచేసి అధికార పక్షం, ప్రతిపక్షాల మాటలు నమ్మొద్దు. ముక్తకంఠంతో ఖండించండి – @PawanKalyan #JSPToContestIn175Constituencies

Earlier, responding to YSRCP Chief YS Jagan’s comments that TDP and JanaSena Party were allies, CM Naidu said, “What is Jagan’s problem if JanaSena Party ties up with TDP? I asked Pawan Kalyan to come forward and question BJP in safeguarding the interests of Andhra Pradesh.”

It may be recalled that Pawan Kalyan, after launching his party in 2014, supported the Naidu-Modi led NDA in the previous elections. However, with things turning sour, the parties have had a fallout ever since.

In the wake of these events, Pawan Kalyan also released a video, in which he can be viewed saying, “JanaSena Party has not just come to contest elections. We are here for the betterment of people’s lives. In 2014, we supported certain parties owing to the circumstances that prevailed then. However, in the upcoming elections, we will not be forming an alliance with any political party except the Left parties.”

JanaSena Party

175 స్థానాల్లో జనసేన సంపూర్ణంగా పోటీ. యువతకు, మహిళలకు ఎక్కువ అవకాశం. అధికార, ప్రతిపక్షాల మాటలను ముక్తకంఠంతో ఖండించండి. Pawan Kalyan #JanaSena

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