Visakhapatnam weather prediction for today looks like strong winds

Source - Video Blocks

Visakhapatnam weather has been fluctuating lately and here is what the prediction for weather today looks like.

Weather men warn us of imminent stormy weather and rainfall at different districts of coastal Andhra Pradesh. There is a well marked depression over south-west Bay of Bengal and Sri Lanka and under its influence south coastal Andhra and parts in Visakhapatnam and neighborhood can expect rainfall. Upper cyclonic air circulation extends up to 7.6 kms above mean sea level. Fishermen have been warned.

Other places in districts of Rayalseema and Prakasam and Nellore can expect heavy rainfall. Visakhapatnam is looking a strong windy day with possibility of rainfall. People going to the beach please deal with caution. As per Cyclone Warning Center Visakhapatnam – “Strong surface winds from Northeasterly direction speed reaching forty five to fifty kmph likely along and off Coastal Andhra Pradesh.”

Be prepared and careful while venturing out today.

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