5 major reasons contributing to the traffic congestion in Visakhapatnam

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From being loved for its open roads and cleaner atmosphere to being cursed for its congested roads and polluted airs, Visakhapatnam’s changing landscape has certainly given us plenty to worry about in the recent times. If the current trends of traffic in Vizag are anything to go by, the citizens seem to be in for some tough times ahead. While the upward trend of vehicle sales might be a reason for the issue, experts also cite improper regulatory systems as a prime cause. Here are 5 major reasons leading to the traffic congestion in Visakhapatnam.

#5 Increasing number of vehicles

With the number of vehicles in the city on the rise, the lanes appear to be getting busier and cramped for room ever than before. It is estimated that around 6000 new vehicles hit the city’s roads each month and with the roads not being spacious enough to accommodate them, the situation keeps getting worse.

#4 Lack of parking spaces

If driving on Vizag’s roads wasn’t bad enough, finding a suitable space for parking is a nightmare come true. Several commercial complexes fail in providing dedicated parking spaces for their visitors, resulting in an unruly manner of vehicles being parked at every possible vacant corner on the streets.

#3 Lack of traffic signals at several places

While lack of traffic signals at several junctions in the city has been creating quite a ruckus on roads, the dysfunctional ones add further to embarrassment.

#2 Autorickshaws

As you might have heard many frustrated individuals rant about this already, the reckless driving by the autorickshaw drivers leave many of us infuriated. From blocking the road at critical points to halting abruptly in the middle of the road to board and deboard passengers, the autorickshaw drivers have been proving to be a major reason for the worsening traffic condition in Visakhapatnam.

#1 Lack of basic traffic sense

Be it not providing timely signals or driving the wrong way, the city’s drivers’ lack of traffic sense comes as the primary reason for the horrible scenario. The pedestrians too, instead of using the walkers’ zone or footpaths, can be spotted walking in the middle of the road adding salt to injury.

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