Visakhapatnam – Tourists and visitors bring on the festive rush to town


Visakhapatnam has started succumbing to the rush of tourists, visitors and holidayers as the season has begun. A destination to reckon with now.

Visakhapatnam has firmly established itself as the destination for holiday makers, adventurers, foreigners, locals, tourists and more. While it is great that the city has firmly established a name in the tourism industry, the transport is having a tough time dealing with the inbound traffic. One can sight crowds of revelers, enjoying themselves and clicking pictures to no end at the R K Beachroad. The season has many events lined up and it will not just be the denizens of Visakhapatnam but also the out of town visitors that are expected to make a bee line for these. Travelling in groups or full families and students on excursions, there is a lot in the city for everybody. After all, hardly any other place combines natural beauty and historical and religious treasures on the coastline.

The newly established Aircraft Museum will be a huge draw and that along with the Submarine Museum will definitely be a crowd puller. Winter wonderland, Araku Valley and Lambasingi with the travel in Vistadome coach are wonders which hold supreme delights even for the well traveled global tourist. There is trekking, camping and bonfires to try here that are very popular for the young and daring visitors and tourists. Add to the natural beauty of these places, the pristine coast line with many aqua sports avenues and relaxing points that have made good reviews. The railways as well as airlines are tasking up to the challenge of supplying the back up and the hospitality indutry is surely booming to say the least.

Not one to hold back on the treatment of the guests, Visakhapatnam is bearing up to the rush very well and the locals are having a quiet and fun filled observation of the startled and excited out of town visitors.

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