Traffic signal system installed at one of Visakhapatnam’s busy junctions

Traffic jam at NAD junction in Vizag
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Bringing an end to a long wait, a traffic signal system has finally been established at the junction near Spencer’s Hypermarket on the Ramatalkies road in Visakhapatnam.

With vehicles flowing in from RTC Complex, Maddilapalem, and Siripuram, the junction witnesses heavy traffic each day. With the vehicular flow increasing by manifold in the past few months, the junction has been experiencing heavy traffic congestion, especially during the evening hours after 6 pm. The junction is a prime locality in Visakhapatnam with the surrounding areas occupying prime significance.

While the situation tended to be under control in the presence of a traffic police, it got out of hands in the absence of one, with vehicles from different directions jamming into each other and creating a major chaos.

The Traffic Crisis

In the past few months, Visakhapatnam has seen a major change in its vehicular traffic. With the number of vehicles in the city on the rise, the lanes appear to be getting busier and cramped for room ever than before. It is estimated that around 6000 new vehicles hit the city’s roads each month and with the roads not being spacious enough to accommodate them, the situation keeps getting worse.

While lack of traffic signals at several junctions in the city has been creating quite a ruckus on roads, the dysfunctional ones add further to embarrassment.

Several other places in the city need traffic signal systems to be installed in order to create a regulated flow.

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