This aesthetic house in Vizag will blow you away with its beauty

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Florisha at Lawson's Bay Colony

They say, “Coming home is one of the best feelings ever.” Home-owner Supraja Borthwick and Interior designer Sunita Naidu from Vizag came together to work on a house that’s one of its kind.

Set amid the rapidly developing locale of Lawson’s Bay Colony is Florisha, the calm and commodious dwelling sprawling over 1200 square yards. A stone slab etched with the owner’s name, Captain Richard Borthwick, is what greets as one steps into the house. The frontal portion of the premises is beautifully adorned with pleasing greenery including a lush lawn. “Gardening has always excited me. I am keen on growing a variety of plants and this lawn is a favourite to many people who live around. Also, many birds and squirrels frequent us each day,” says Mrs Borthwick when asked about her love for gardening.

As we get to the main entrance, little idols of the Laughing Buddha that seem to know nothing but joy, a pacific Nandi seeking shade under a tree, and a sacred figure of Lord Ganesha in his signature posture, cater the quintessential vibe of this placid two-layered house.

A spacious and comfortable foyer, which is a new extension, welcomes the guests and soothes them with its pleasant aesthetics. While the plush sofas and the marble flooring help in immersing into the cosy inner-ambience, the see-through glass panes give an exquisite view of the striking green foliage present outside.

Moving in, a grand drawing room, graced by some spectacular artworks and crafty furniture, captures the imagination of the aesthetes. Setting the mood for any occasion, this well-lit space is further prettified with earthen decorative pieces and metallic artefacts. The fact that all the in-house embellishments are from the local market, marks the distinction of the precincts.

With pillars carved out of wood, a dedicated space allocated for meditation, numerous saplings, a relaxing Lord Ganesha, and an ancestral mango tree, that stood the test of time for over 40 years, the backyard might just capture the soul of this beautiful space. A specially designed rock fountain further adds to the sanctity of the place.

“Everything has been modelled and renovated as per Supraja’s choice and preference. We were determined to put in the hard yards to achieve the desired output. Given my team’s commitment, orchestrating them was never an issue and thanks to all the superlative efforts, we were able to do the job in a quick span of time,” says a proud Sunitha when asked about her experience of working on the house.

Every little element is taken care of. From formulating unique design features to hatching up smart techniques to create stunning showpieces, multiple factors play a key role in establishing Florisha as a flawless abode.

Talking to Sunita Naidu

How did you begin interior designing?

“Back in 2006, I had visited a famous office in the city and was really impressed with its interiors. Sensing my fondness towards the subject, one of the officials there suggested me to take up a course in interior designing. Following the advice, I eventually completed a one-year diploma course from NIFT and it has been over 10 wonderful years since I started working for my clients.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“I get to learn a lot, each day. In fact, the experience garnered over the past decade has taught me much more in comparison to the bookish knowledge. Also, I enjoy working with my team. It’s been more than 9 years since we came together, and it is their commitment and dedication that help us handle the projects with a signature panache.”

How do you go about your job?

“I make sure that the design part is completed within the first 15 days of the project. In the next phase, which involves my team of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and painters, we work closely with the client to get the job done as per the requirements.”

What lies ahead for you?

“Even though I would love to work anywhere, given the fact that Vizag is fast growing, I would like to look for more opportunities here. I’m trying to explore newer fields such as landscapes and outdoor designs as well. Also, if at all a quality design-training institute comes up in the city, I would be delighted to teach the aspirants and equip them with the requisite knowledge.”

PS-Want to get some cool designs for your home too? Contact Sunita Naidu on +91-9849557949

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