Proposals made to increase international connections from Visakhapatnam

Image for representation

The Andhra Pradesh Air Travelers Association representatives met Capt. Amitab Singh, Director commercial & Board Member, Air India Limited in Mumbai on 28 January along with Smt Daggubati Purandeswari, Independent Director, Air India Ltd. The representatives made a few proposals to increase international connections from Visakhapatnam.

The proposals included a request to operate a late night flight to Mumbai and Delhi from Visakhapatnam. The services have been stated as necessary to facilitate international travelers to have access to the flights from Mumbai and Delhi so as to continue their travel to other countries.

The representatives also requested to increase the frequency of flights between Visakhapatnam and Port Blair given the adequate demand. The third request proposed an increase in the quota of seats for the flight between Visakhapatnam and Dubai (via Hyderabad), for which, currently, there is a limited quota of 50 seats.

As per a press release, Capt. Amitab Singh has readily agreed to consider the proposal of operating late night flight to Mumbai and Delhi. He also agreed to consider an increase in the frequency of flights to Port Blair and increase in quota of seats in Dubai flight.

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