Rape accusation by Visakahapatnam girl on father not all that it seems

wife murdered

Subsequent investigations have brought about loop holes in the rape accusations made by Visakhapatnam girl on father and brother which had come to light earlier.

In a brief look back at the crime reported, this girl was repeatedly raped by her own father and brother. The case was lodged by the girl at the two town police station accusing her father and her brother of rape. But now the story is slowly falling through. this happened after a medical examination report reveals no evidence of habitual sexual intercourse. A twist to the rape charges on her aggressors.

The second reveal that has come in recent reports is the medical examiners opinion that the girl is suffering from depression. Inconsistencies in the girl’s statement along with the medical examiners reports have forced authorities to look at the rape case differently.

The girl in question has approached a number of women’s organizations and is seeking their help and support to sway the investigation in her favour. Deccan Chronicle reports the DCP said – “The victim demanded money from father frequently to the tune of Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 for lavish spending. The victim was inconsistent with her statement and relatives also said that the allegations made by her are baseless.”

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