Visakhapatnam – Despite ban, gruesome cockfight arrangements for Sankranti continue with 12 arrested


The gruesome cock fights that happen on the Sankranti eve have a court ban but the arrangements continue unabated with 12 persons arrested in Visakhapatnam.

The betting and bloody show that accompanies the ritualistic cock fights on Sankranti eve have a ban from the Court. This still doesn’t stop people from making arrangements and going ahead with the bloody game. 12 persons in Arilova in Visakhapatnam have been arrested for the same. Information received from sources alerted the police and raids were conducted. It was discovered that the venue was being prepared for the gruesome game which was to commence on 14th January ahead of Sankranti.

Not just Visakhapatnam but various places across the villages, mandals and districts of Andhra Pradesh still continue the tradition and a lot of betting and local fan fare still occurs during these games. The arrested persons have been presented before the Mandal Revenue Officer and strict action may be taken against them.

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