Drones may soon substitute lifeguards at Visakhapatnam beaches

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In the last 12 years, an alarming number of 520 cases of drowning deaths were reported in Visakhapatnam city. To reduce the rate of these drowning deaths at the city’s beaches, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) will soon make use of four unmanned rescue drones at Visakhapatnam beaches.

Being operated through remote control, the drones are estimated to have a range of three kilometres from the shore and are built with fibre-reinforced plastic.

To allow the communication between the first responders at the shore and the drowning person, the drones will be well equipped with a two-way radio. In the current scenario, it takes time for a lifeguard to run to the aid of victims.

Reportedly, in order to create awareness, a private agency has demonstrated a power point presentation on the explanation of the working mechanism of the drones. With the help of these speeding drones, the task of rescuing would be easier for the guards. Under the smart city project, four drones are said to be procured for the Rushikonda and RK Beach with an estimated cost of Rs 4 lakh per drone.

It may be noted that as compared to other beaches, the Rushikonda Beach and RK Beach have witnessed a larger share of drowning deaths. Around 40 lifeguards were deployed by the GVMC at the Rushikonda, Yarada and RK beaches. Also, there were proposals made for the establishment of a tourist police station to ensure the safety of the tourists in Visakhapatnam.

Source: TOI

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