Watch this video that takes you through a beautiful journey of the Araku Balloon Festival

araku balloon festival, visakhapatnam
Araku Balloon Festival

The picturesque valleys of Visakhapatnam, played host to the Araku Balloon Festival last month, bringing together a total of 15 teams participating from 11 countries.

A unique extravaganza that was much cherished by many, the Araku Balloon Festival left a long-lasting impression on all as the balloons skimmed across the blue skies and created some awe-inspiring spectacles for the thousands of spectators below.

Also, apart from exhilarating the crowd with these splendid sights, the paramotoring displays and the Night Glows caught the imagination of everyone.

Araku Balloon Festival, as expected, also proved to be a magical occasion for all the photographers and videographers as they got busy capturing the beauties through their camera lenses. One such enthusiast, Krishna K, captured the beauty of this event in a two-minute video. This video delivers some fabulous sights of Araku Balloon Festival and makes us relive the event all over again.

Watch the video here:

Araku Balloon Festival 2017 ( Sub Woofers ON !! )

Araku Hot Air Balloon Fest 2017 . An initiative by the the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department to boost tourism . A sneak peek into the Fest through this travel Video . Watch in big screen with HQ Sound , for better experience !! The Three day fest has been conducted amidst gloomy weather .

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