Passengers harassed and disappointed at Visakhapatnam Airport

Visakhapatnam Airport, press note
Vizag Airport

At a time when the traffic at Visakhapatnam Airport has reached news heights, passengers report being harassed and ill treated.

Visakhapatnam Airport is looking at high volume air passengers movement and the time of creating a goal of global standard airport has failed. Passengers report being ill treated  and harassed on the grounds of checking and cross checking. They report that they have felt like dealers or smugglers rather than travellers. A big sore point especially following the spate of smuggling incidents at the airport recently.

The immigration center has harried passengers for unrelated documents. This has increased the woes of people greatly.

Many who have been willing to go through the regular process of paying customs dues have been treated like smugglers despite cooperation.

Tourist Visa on arrival for tourists coming into Vizag has not been implemented yet which makes proceedings difficult for international tourists. This measure would help get international tourist traffic immeasurably if worked out. A lot needs to be worked out for developing the Visakhapatnam Airport. Passengers feel security checks and works of immigration and customs officials is important but a lot remains desired.

23.58 lakhs is the footfall here as against 18.04 in 2015-2016. For a developing smart city with big dreams of development the air services wing and it’s development is not commensurate.

Source – Deccan Chronicle

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