Visakhapatnam’s Food Story: A-Z dishes that will win you over, Part 2

visakhapatnam food
visakhapatnam food

Hello, Visakhapatnam foodies! We are back with the second installment in our food saga. While yesterday we took you through from A-e, today we will be saying hola to F-J. So without delaying anymore, let us get our gastronomic juices flowing.

F for Flax Seed and Chocolate Mousse

A delicious and nutritious chocolate pudding that gives you the sweet treat you want without the guilt trip. This dark chocolate mousse pudding made with flax seeds is a calorie watcher’s dream.
Where: Kaloreez, Daspalla Hills

G for Golden Fried Prawns

An undisputedly popular Chinese seafood dish. The battered prawns are fried to a crispy, golden hue to make this a perfect order. Simple but luscious, it serves as a good side dish for your Oriental meal.
Where: Ming Garden, The Gateway Hotel, Maharanipeta

H for Hoggers Maggi

The Maggi gets uplifted to the ‘hoggers’ level with this loaded creation. Bacon, chicken sausages and lots of caramelized sweet onion are combined with cheese. Phew! That’s quite a lot but we are sure you will be craving for more.
Where: Double Roti, Pandurangapuram

I for Ice cream cake

A sinfully tasty treat for dessert lovers. Ice cream cake comes in two variants, Swiss Choco Symphony and Butterscotch Almond Amore. We suggest you order this when you are with a bunch of others.
Where: Ibaco, Beach Road

J for Juicy Lucy

When you’re seeking a burger that’s juicy and filling, the answer is the Juicy Lucy burger. A freshly ground patty which is cheese filled and cooked in their steak sauce will definitely satisfy you.
Where: Mr. Weenies Roadhouse, Drive-in, Lawson’s Bay Colony

As the weekend beckons us, so do the other alphabet dishes. Until the third installment in this saga, Happy eating!! 🙂

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