Visakha Express engine gets detached from its bogeys

visakha express
Image: Flickr/PranavChaware

In a rather bizarre incident, the engine of Visakha Express was accidentally detached from its bogeys between Narsipatnam, of Visakhapatnam district, and Tuni railway stations on Monday. The engine of the train, which was headed to Secunderabad from Bhubaneshwar, reportedly got detached from the bogeys and travelled for at least 10 km after the link holding them together got loose.

With the bogeys coming to a halt, no passenger has been reported to be injured. Upon receiving the information, the railway authorities swung into action and brought the engine back to recouple it with the bogeys and resume the journey. Eventually, the Visakha Express reached its destination on a delayed schedule. While the exact cause behind the loosening of the link is yet to be known, the officials have initiated an investigation to find out the same.

β€œThe loco couplers seem to have got detached. They were reinforced and the train service was resumed. The exact reason would be known only after the engine is brought to the loco shed and examined,” a railway official was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

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