6 training videos of Virat Kohli that give us fitness goals

Virat kohli’s videos from his workout sessions

virat kohli workout

Virat Kohli is probably the biggest superstar in world cricket right now. The Indian captain is scoring runs at will whilst breaking records left, right, and centre.

Virat Kohli and his fitness

We also know that he is one among the world’s fittest athletes. King Kohli, as he’s famously called, is lightning quick between the wickets and possesses an immense stamina to play long innings.

While Virat was a chubby boy during his early days, he completely transformed his lifestyle to turn fitter. Right from his diet patterns to his workout routines, Virat follows some strict regimes to bring his ‘A’ game to the fore.

As expected, he loves his workouts and here are some of the videos posted by him from workout sessions. These will not only give some fitness goals but also motivate you to hit the gym right away.

Check these videos here.

An Intense Cardio Session

How about kick starting your day with an intense cardio session that would get your heart pumping?

Some Powerful Squat workouts

Virat once told that all the power in his shots comes through his legs! Seems totally legit after watching these videos.

Now we know where all those runs come from!!

The fastest runner training his legs to be match ready.

Ok, Virat Kohli is high on squats!


Moral: Never neglect your LEG DAY in the Gym!!

A Killer Core Workout

Training our core is one of the toughest parts of a workout. But this guy seems to pull it off like a pro!


Pheww, that was a draining session, wasn’t it? Need a protein shake?

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