Letter To The Chief Minister Requesting Him To Develop Tourism in Vizag

VCCI Writes A Letter To The CM

The state government has been urged by VCCI (Visakhapatnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to develop the tourism sector in Vizag and surrounding areas as well via a letter. They have also requested that local economy be promoted and generation of jobs be concentrated on.

In the letter written by the VCCI to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, they stated that the government has been looking at tourism from a government and bureaucrat point-of-view rather than from the eyes of a tourist. They also said that the government looks at merely the number of tourist arrivals and other statistics.

They further stated that the mindset that is prevalent is something wherein cleanliness and hygiene are not taken care of. Vizag already being a clean city, it still lacks clean and well-maintained tourist sites. They stated the examples of the beaches and Buddhist sites that are not maintained well.

The hygiene maintained at small and medium hotels and at other eating places are not upto the mark. They also added saying the tourism offices can act as backbone of AP’s efforts but they need a much deeper understanding and appreciation as well as need suitable empowerment to function in an efficient way.

The VCCI also said that, “Currently, AP’s tourism efforts are unimaginative and we are unable to attract well heeled tourists even from Hyderabad. Tourism is treated with scant importance in India as well as AP. The junior most ministers almost always is given this portfolio and we frequently change the bureaucratic leadership. There is a lot to be done and we need to recognize that if we want to get serious about tourism, we need to develop the necessary energy and enthusiasm.”

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