Passengers face problems due to delay of trains at Vizag Railway Station

visakhapatnam, railway station
Vizag Railway Station

Due to the non-interlocking works which were conducted between Duvvada and Anakapalli by the officials of the South Central Railway Department on Thursday, many trains were delayed and halted at Visakhapatnam Railway Station.

The to and fro trains between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada were halted between Anakapalli-Samarlakota and Visakhapatnam-Kothavalasa. Along with Ratnachal Express from Vijayawada-Visakha, Chennai-Howrah Mail and Prasanthi Express reached the Visakhapatnam Railway Station after a delay of two hours. Bhagalpur-Yeswanthpur Express, Guwahati-Trivandrum, Visakha-Gandhigram and Visakha Express were halted in the city station for two hours. The Visakha-Anakapalli Passenger was cancelled for the entire day.

The travellers faced problems as there was no early intimation about the delay and halt of the trains. Travellers, in the trains, which halted away from the stations, had to also face the scorching heat. Bokaro Express passengers met with a lot of inconveniences due to no supply of water in the toilets and improper functioning of fans. Also, the train reached Vizag after a delay of two hours.

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