Technology upgraded for making e-challan system effective.


In a move to make dealing with the cases of traffic violation in Visakhapatnam more effective, technology has been upgraded and the e-challan system rebooted. Teams have been deployed for effecting this and they are now armed with swiping machines and smart phones connected to Bluetooth printers. There is on spot dispensing of the challans. This will negate the many times challans are sent later to the violators and many a time these notices go without acknowledging.

The technology will help keep the offenders on their toes with speedy dispensing and collecting of challans on spots. It is hoped to mitigate the accident rate and bring a seriousness in people regarding observing traffic rules.

The App – the technology comes integrated with an App for RTA database on motorists and their track records for earlier traffic violations. The data is state wide.

The Process – When a violator is detained the traffic police match the registration number of vehicle with the user details and retrieve data regarding previous offences, challans served, challans left unpaid etc. The present challan is added to the database and a challan immediately printed out via bluetooth printers. Not having cash will not spare you because they have card swiping facility with them as well as net banking. In case the violator does not have case, he can take the challan and pay at an e-seva kendra but delay in this will warrant strict action.

The 40 teams trying this system out are already at work and the databases will be widened for all India reach.

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