Being Single: 9 GIFs that show the reactions of single people on Valentine’s Day

single people on valentines day
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It’s Valentine’s Day. Fancy flowers, bubbly balloons, glittering goodies, and heart-shaped everything seem to be the only materials making up the universe today. And, as they say, love is in the air; well not for everyone though. Yeah, the day can be tough for single people, especially if they’re surrounded by the dreamy couples straight from the filmy universe. Without rubbing salt into wounds anymore, here are a few GIFs that might offer some solace to all the single people on Valentine’s Day.

9 GIFs that show the reactions of single people on Valentine’s Day:

#1 When someone asks about your plans for 14 February

#2 When friends invite you to a V-Day party

#3 Going through the social media stories of your “committed” friends

#4 When all you hear everywhere is “romantic” music

#5 When someone asks why you’re still single

#6 When your best friend ditches you for his/her partner on Valentine’s Day

#7 Netflix and chill, cuz what’s different?

#8 When you keep getting special offers for Valentine’s Day

#9 Realising that ‘Solo Brathuke is So Better’ at EOD

PS: The article has been created on a lighter note and doesn’t intend to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

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