Safety measures taken against cyclone Nada


As the cyclone Nada approaches the south east coast of Indian sub-continent, the cities of Chennai and Puducherry have geared up for the safety assistance of all the people living in the cities and along the coast of Bay of Bengal. Looking at the circumstances, the Eastern Naval Command [ENC] keeps itself ready to render any necessary humanitarian assistance.

Reportedly, the two ships of the Indian Navy – Shakti and Satpura are kept on standby mode to proceed for help to the most affected areas by the cyclone Nada to undertake Humanitarian Aid Distress Relief [HADR]. The HADR includes activities like evacuation, logistic support, including medical aid. These ships are equipped with additional divers, doctors, inflatable rubber boats, integral helicopters and other relief material including food, tent, clothes, medicines and blankets in sufficient quantities to sustain over 5,000 persons.

The INS Ranjit which is presently deployed in the Bay of Bengal will be the first on to respond to any causalities caused in the cyclone and has been positioned near the Tamil Nadu coast. The developments in the cyclone Nada is being closely monitored by the ENC and the Flag Officer of Chennai and Puducherry Naval area are in constant touch with the Andhra Pradesh state administrations to carry out in rescue operations if needed.

The Naval AIR Stations of Rajali and Dega have also taken measures and kept air crafts on standby if required for distress relief. Moreover, diving teams with Gemini boats and four platoons with additional relief material are ready to be pressed into action at short notice if any rescue operation needs to be carried out. The state of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have geared up for all the safety requirements against the cyclone Nada and people safety is being given the first priority.

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