Visakhapatnam Soon To Surpass Goa In Attracting Russian Tourists

Russian Tourists Vizag Goa

The beaches of Andhra Pradesh may soon surpass those in Goa. While Goa has been the preferred choice of destination for tourists coming in from abroad, even Russian tourists, efforts are being made to divert them to Visakhapatnam instead.

Two Russian tour operators who regularly organise trips for Russian tourists to Goa will be flying down to the city on May 16. They will do a recon of the city and bring down three groups of tourists in December if they like what they see. This development comes after the role AP Tourism Department played in the Moscow International Travel & Tourism exhibit that was held recently.

The international tourists that flock Goa can be divided into two segments – those who travel independently and those chartered. Russians have always been the majority of the international tourists visiting Goa and tour operators believe the number has reduced due to security issues. So now, they believe, is the right time to look into the potential of Vizag as a good alternative.

There are many beaches in Goa like Arambol, Colva, Vagator, Baga and Anjuna that are popular, and certain others reserved specifically for foreign tourists. But compared to Goa, Vizag has a low crime rate, with lesser amount of drugs and sex trade involved too. Hotels in Goa usually sign contracts with foreign charters and allocate rooms for tourists. Between October 2015 and May 2016, 1.6 lakh Russians visited Goa.

Seeing those numbers, the clean, pristine beaches and the comparatively safe nature of Vizag is sure to woo the Russian tour operators to the port city.

Story Credit: Deccan Chronicle


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  1. Due diligence has to be done while entertaining other nationalities or else we end being another party capital in the country with booze, girls & drugs.

  2. Plan to develop beaches as per goa, so vizag need to develop in all aspects to get a good IT jobs.

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