Visakhapatnam police burn Rs 13 crore worth seized ganja

ganja destroyed, visakhapatnam
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The Visakhapatnam Police destroyed Rs 13 crore worth ganja, at the Kapuluppada dumping yard on Friday. The ganja was set ablaze, as per the court orders, in the presence of the Drug Disposal Committee. The committee included the Deputy Inspector General of Visakha Range, LKV Ranga Rao (IPS), Superintendent of Police (Visakhapatnam Rural), Attada Babujee (IPS), and Deputy Commissioner (Prohibition and Excise), T Srinivasa Rao. 

Reportedly, the 63,879 kg of destroyed contraband was confiscated in 455 smuggling cases, at thirteen police stations in Visakhapatnam District. Among the 455 cases, 91 cases were registered in G Madugula Police Station, 89 cases in Paderu, 69 cases in Rolugunta, 39 cases  in Anantagiri and Kottakota respectively, 30 cases in Ravikamatam, 22 cases in Hukumpet and Munchingputtu respectively, 19 cases in Kasimkota, 16 cases in Pedabayal, 10 cases in Sabbavaram, 6 cases in Anakapalle and 3 cases in Makavarapalem. The Visakhapatnam Police had also auctioned  196 vehicles which were used for smuggling the ganja. Around Rs 80 lakh was collected by Andhra Pradesh State Government through the auction.  

Speaking to the media, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) informed, “Last year, we destroyed around 11,493 kg of ganja in February, 7,637 kg of ganja in March and 43,431 kg of ganja in August. However, this is the single-largest disposal operation in the district till date.” He further added “Many ganja smugglers have been encouraging the farmers from the agency areas to take up ganja cultivation. The State Government is creating awareness among the farmers to switch over to the profitable crops.”

Visakhapatnam Police officials, including Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) P Srinivasa Rao, Inspector Ch Prasad, Inspector GV Ramana, Inspector L Revatamma, and Inspector MV Ramana were also a part of the ganja disposal operation.

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